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Menu Description Size Notice Cost

Brewed Coffee up to 10 gallons   5 hours  

Airpot about 10/8oz cups ½ gallon   $8
Carafe about 20/8oz cups 1 gallon   $10
Condiments a package of 1 sleeve 8oz cups,1 quart ½ & ½ ,2 cups sugar, and stir sticks     $10


Portable Espresso Machine see "Coffee Catering" tab above for details     $300 min.

Baked Goods     24 hours  

Muffins & Scones   12 minimum   $1.75 each
Cakes and Bars Coffee cake, carrot cake, blueberry oat bar, peachy
crunch cake
1 pan
(15 pieces)
Brownies and Blondies Better than Mom used to make! 1 pan
(15-18 pieces)
Deluxe Brownies May include fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, peanut butter, coconut, etc. 1 pan
(15-18 pieces)
Rolls Sweet and sticky homemade pastries. 10 minimum   $20
Cookies A variety of delicious cookies made from scratch. See Baked Goods menu for details. 12 minimum   $1.50 each
Quiches Spinach-swiss, Lorraine, Mediterranean, Aztec, Southwestern 1 pan   $15

Soups & Salads     24 hours  

Bowl of Salad Green Salad with choice of Ranch , Italian, or Basil Pesto salad dressing. $2.75 per each additional serving 8 servings   $22
Loaf of Bread Includes 6 butters 20-25 servings   $3.25
Pot of Soup

A variety of tasty homemade soups and stews. See
lunch menu for details.

20-25 servings   $60

Sandwiches     24 hours  

4” sandwiches w/ chips Tuna Salad, Chicken Salad, Veggie, or Turkey. Each sandwich comes with lettuce and sprouts (tomato and cheese is $.50 extra) 1 person   $4.95 each
Large bag of tortilla chips       $10

Drinks All cooler drinks are purchased at our menu price      

Lemonade and Iced Tea Tea is brewed fresh using premium Republic of Tea 1 gallon   $10

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